Swamp Songs Recording Studio

Swamp Songs Recording Studio



My mission is simple: to help make music that elicits an emotional response from the listener. I do this by using real sound sources such as drums or guitar amps and manipulating them with hardware compressors and equalizers. Don't get me wrong, I'm no luddite. The latest plugins are revolutionizing workflow and mixing/mastering capabilities. But music has to come from an honest place if it's going to make a meaningful connection with another human being. And that's what I try to do here.



Matt Weston


Matt is an Honours Graduate of the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART) and holds a Bachelor of Music Honours Education from the University of Western Ontario. 

He has over 14 years experience in professional audio, most often in the recording studio working on various genres of music.

Matt often performs as a drummer for many bands in genres such as rock, folk, and jazz. 


“Sound with a feeling.”

Matt Weston  |  Founder



It may have been the Fisher Price cassette recording with microphone, or maybe it was the dual cassette Panasonic stereo and the Radio Shack microphone that I recorded my brother and I with, but in the early 2000s my love for recording really took off. 

I was studying music at Western and was soon more interested in capturing and manipulating sounds than I was practicing my Bach partitas on the marimba. Luckily I was in a band with three other guys just as broke as me. We wanted to make a record but couldn't afford prices at the local studio, so I volunteered to do it. With some borrowed microphones, mixer, and a two input sound card, we were off. 

After releasing the album, another band we often played shows with asked me to record their own album. A light turned on. After attending OIART to learn the ins and outs, a grant from the Government of Ontario was secured, gear was purchased, and Swamp Songs began in my parents' basement. 

Over a decade later, the location has thankfully moved, more gear continues to be purchased, recordings continue to get better than the last, and the fun never stops.