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Swamp Songs is a recording studio in Lucan, Ontario, Canada with the goal of putting the fun and feel back into studio recording.

Owned and operated by Matt Weston, this home studio rivals many larger commercial facilities in room acoustics, equipment quality and variety, and experience.

Swamp Songs is newly renovated with the goal of providing an affordable opportunity for musicians to record their music the way it is meant to be played - together.

The philosophy here is to have musicians do their best to get it right together, having each person feeding off each other's performance and interacting together throughout the take.

And if timing or pitch is a problem, the isolation between instruments provided at Swamp Songs means that touching up a spot is no problem.

Swamp Songs provides the best of both worlds - the feel and experience of playing music together, and the ability to fix those little mistakes that sometimes happen.

Swamp Songs provides "Sound with a feeling.
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