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Swamp Songs is a private recording studio in Lucan, Ontario, Canada.

Owned and operated by Matt Weston, this home studio rivals many larger commercial facilities in treated room acoustics, professional equipment, training, and experience.

Swamp Songs is continually being improved through renovations, equipment and software upgrades, constant research and learning, and, of course, a variety of experience working in many different genres.

Recording can happen simultaneously among many performers or can happen one part at a time, depending on what is right for the song and the project. Recording together does not limit the ability to fix issues due to the excellent isolation between the different recording rooms. Sight lines between musicians can usually be maintained as well, leading to better communication during a take.

Swamp Songs provides the best of both worlds - the feel and experience of playing music together, and the ability to fix those little mistakes that sometimes happen.

Swamp Songs provides "Sound with a feeling
" and is open by appointment only.
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